The hit crime drama series Better Call Saul has been captivating viewers for the past five seasons with its unique mix of suspense, drama, and humor. But what started off as a small-time lawyer’s story in Season 1 had become something unrecognizable by the end. So grab a seat, and follow us as we explore Better Call Saul’s inaugural season!

1. Name of the Protagonist
The main character of this series is known for having multiple identities. His many aliases make it surprising to recall that his original identity was a major plot component in the first season’s opening. Jimmy McGill is actively pursuing his right to practice law under his name when audiences first encounter him.

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When the series begins, Hamlin, Hamlin, and McGill are attacking Jimmy. They are making every effort to prevent him from using the McGill name, even though it is his name. Jimmy no longer uses his name voluntarily towards the end of the show. He does desire to be called James McGill in the epilogue, but it’s more of a pleading request than a rebellious one.

2. Kim and Jimmy’s romance
The friendship between Jimmy and Kim is unquestionably the center of Better Call Saul. However, it is not readily apparent during the first season. Jimmy looks after his brother Chuck for the majority of season one rather than Kim. The audience only learns their background relationship is actually fairly significant a few episodes in.

Even in the episodes where Kim isn’t present, the storyline of Season 6 is intrinsically bound to their romance. It has been made clear that Kim was crucial in encouraging Jimmy to take on the persona of Saul Goodman. Her absence in most of the early episodes (as well as in Breaking Bad) is, therefore, incredibly noticeable.

3. Jimmy’s Legal Prowess
Jimmy McGill is a superb debater when we first meet him. He is charismatic and an effective manipulator from that point on until the series’ conclusion. He consistently loses lawsuits, though, which indicates that his legal ability is substantially lower. The first season shows how he gradually comes to terms with the straight and narrow, but it’s still difficult for him.

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He becomes a perfectly sleazy and competent lawyer by the end of the series. He convinces himself that a few years is a better punishment than a life sentence. In a completely different direction than the one he was traveling when audiences first joined him, he accomplishes this by fusing his magnetism with the law.

4. Setting and time
Better Call Saul opens with a flash-forward to what happens after Breaking Bad. This sequence, which features Saul Goodman as the tense and repressed Gene, is rather remarkable. But that scene doesn’t really relate to the remainder of the season. In stark contrast to the sweltering desert city where the main act is set, it also takes place in a chilly tiny town.

Contrary to the first season, the majority of the third season takes place in this era and location. Additionally, it differs greatly from the first time viewers see Gene. He turns out to be quite rude and mean-spirited at the end of the episode. Though the past and the future are frequently at odds, this show takes it to new heights.

5. The Background Cast
The majority of Better Call Saul’s last season takes place in the future, as was already indicated. In actuality, it occurs after El Camino and Breaking Bad. Since Breaking Bad was a prequel, the majority of the Saul characters also appeared there. The majority of them are now deceased.

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By this time, Mike, Tuco, Gus, Jimmy’s brother and his legal partner, as well as the cartels, are all gone. Even though they didn’t show, they were significant players in the first season. Given that Mike served as the show’s second protagonist for the majority of its early seasons, his absence is particularly striking.

In conclusion, Better Call Saul has been a prime example of how to write and produce an incredible TV series over the course of several seasons. From its humble beginnings in Season 1 to becoming one of the most beloved series on television by the end of it all, Better Call Saul truly is a masterpiece.
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