One of the most well-liked Breaking Bad spin-offs, Better Call Saul, has held viewers’ attention since it originally aired. But what about all those characters who never made an appearance in Better Call Saul? Find out in this article and learn more about the Breaking Bad characters we never got to see on our screens!

1. Old Joe Character
Given how well-written and three-dimensional the characters are in Breaking Bad, it is funny that Old Joe doesn’t have a last name in the series and that his given name is a nickname. And in that regard, the character is in no way underdeveloped; rather, he is more of an enigma.

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Hank’s attempt to break into the RV without a warrant demonstrated how much Old Joe knew about the law. That makes it even more astonishing that he didn’t show up in the procedural law program. Even while it didn’t explain how he got to have such in-depth knowledge of criminal law, he did receive one final scene in El Camino, which was pleasant enough.

2. Jack Welker Character
Jack Welker, who appears in Breaking Bad season 5 as another major antagonist alongside Todd, has a past and backstory that are so heavily alluded to in the venerable program that Better Call Saul ought to have at least briefly explored it. There must be more to the character’s complex than just the clubhouse, Jesse’s pit, and the meth lab in a Quonset hut. The guy has an entire compound full of hidden locations.

Jack, like Todd, had a gratifying ending sequence when he was shot dead in the middle of speaking, exactly like he did to Hank. Additionally, his setup might not have been as interesting as Gustavo’s because it wasn’t quite as careful and well-planned.

3. Ted Beneke Character
Ted, a business owner, may be the most stupid person in the entire franchise, even if the universe is filled with meth heads and two-bit criminals. Not only did he think that a great-aunt had left him the precise sum of money needed to pay the IRS, but he also spent it on a new car despite having run into financial difficulties with the IRS.

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Although the character in Better Call Saul never learns anything, there was always a potential that viewers would witness him receiving his first lesson in a trial. Or, as Skyler working for Beneke Fabricators was the most significant development prior to the start of the program, their (professional) connection may have been explored at some time as well.

4. Todd Alquist Character
Even though Todd didn’t appear in the first four seasons of Breaking Bad, he had already begun committing crimes. A cameo from Todd would have been quite likely, considering that he worked in the pest control business, as viewers saw Ira, the owner of Vamonos Pest, in the fourth season of the spin-off.

It would have been entertaining to have Gustavo Fring and Todd share a scene in Better Call Saul, even though it could have sounded contrived, given that Todd is the most ominous monster in the series. Although audiences found his death in the Breaking Bad series conclusion to be more than satisfying, fans continued to adore his portrayal of the crazed enforcer in El Camino.

5. Skyler White And Walt Jr Characters
Realistically, Skyler couldn’t have been a part of the series in any reasonable sense. Better Call Saul still has a purpose and very least, makes character development hints, even in the obvious fan service moments. At the conclusion of Breaking Bad, Skyler’s character journey was complete, and there was nothing left to say.

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Similar to how there was no way for Walt Jr. to make sense in the context of the program, even though it would have been amusing to see him in the background, hanging out with his friends. Fans’ last unanswered query following the Breaking Bad season finale is whether Jr. actually received the money on his 18th birthday as Walt had instructed Gretchen and Elliott to do. And it at least might have been addressed in passing in the Better Call Saul scene that followed the events of Breaking Bad.

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