Better Call Saul has been one of the most critically acclaimed television series of the past decade, and with its fifth season now available on Netflix, there’s never been a better time to explore this universe. This blog will be looking at some of the best episodes from throughout its five-season run, providing an in-depth look at why these particular episodes stand out among the rest.

1. Season 1, Episode 6 – Five-O
The viewers of Breaking Bad never get to see what makes Mike tick during the entire series. He was Gus Fring’s right-hand man, and it was evident that he wasn’t someone to mess with. All of that changed in the sixth episode of the first season when viewers finally learned more about Mike’s past.

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One of those “Five-O” episodes that stands alone as a mini-movie. The episode focuses primarily on Mike’s background as a corrupt police officer who exacts revenge on the killers of his kid, with little attention paid to Jimmy. As Mike tries to make apologies to viewers while aware that his story ends even more tragically than Jimmy’s, his confession to the widow of his son sets up both Mike’s history and future on the show.

2. Season 4, Episode 10 – Winner
Jimmy McGill ultimately took on the infamous alias of Saul Goodman in the Better Call Saul season 4 finale. After trying to make plans for the future and going a whole year without practicing law, everything came to a screaming halt when Jimmy was turned down for re-entry into the New Mexico Bar.

While Mike pursues an escaped Werner Ziegler with a determined Lalo Salamanca hard on his trail, Kim tries to get Jimmy to finally confront his grief over Chuck’s passing. Jimmy is also trying to obtain his law license back. This was the first time viewers had seen how vicious and unrelenting Lalo is; he had just recently been introduced to the show.

3. Season 3, Episode 5 – Chicanery
One of the most well-liked episodes of the entire series continues to be the fifth episode of the third season. Chuck’s campaign to remove Jimmy from the bar is still going strong. He is unaware of Jimmy’s plot to discredit him, which will culminate in a spectacular turn of events.

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Due to a complex scheme by Jimmy, Chuck loses his control in front of the bar, putting an end to any chance of him and his brother having a cordial relationship. Fans are deeply devastated by this change of events, but everything else is overshadowed by their excitement at the expertly performed courtroom drama.

4. Season 5, Episode 8 – Bagman
The entire plot of “Bagman,” one of the show’s most visually stunning episodes, is Jimmy’s choice to deliver Lalo Salamanca’s bail money across the US/Mexico border to the courts. Almost immediately, Jimmy is ambushed, leading to one of the show’s largest shootouts and a life-altering incident with Mike in the desert.

Though “Bagman” is more action-packed than the average Better Call Saul episode, it is also filled with quieter character moments as Jimmy makes some of his difficult first steps toward completely letting go of his nice guy identity and embracing Saul Goodman.

5. Season 5, Episode 9 – Bad Choice Road
In light of the events in “Bagman,” Lalo has good reason to be skeptical of Jimmy’s delay in delivering the bail money to the judge because it could result in a horrific interrogation session when he visits Kim’s residence.

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As evidenced by its IMDb rating, it is a stressful episode that serves as more than simply a respite from “Bagman’s” bloodshed. In this episode, Mike also has a chance to shine. He has one of his most memorable lines and plays a killer part in the interrogation scene as he observes the proceedings through the scope of his sniper rifle.

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