Everyone was excited when the news broke that the hit series “Breaking Bad” would be getting a spin-off, and even more so when it was revealed that some fan-favorite characters would be returning for the new show. This article will look at some of these Breaking Bad characters who made cameos in Better Call Saul – did you spot them all?

1. Gonzo & No-Doze Characters
Gonzo (Jesus Payan) and No-Doze (Cesar Garcia), two of Tuco’s patient lieutenants, also made an appearance in “Mijo,” episode 2 of season 1 of Better Call Saul. As Tuco instructed No-Doze to cease threatening Cal and Lal out of frustration, the tense dynamic between the three was already there. This anticipated No-savage Doze’s beating and Gonzo’s unintentional death in seasons 1 and 2 of Breaking Bad.

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2. Tuco Salamanca Character
Breaking Bad characters were swiftly introduced in Better Call Saul; the premiere episode ended with Jimmy McGill being pulled into a home by the dreadful Tuco Salamanca (Raymond Cruz). Jimmy met Tuco when the con artist twins Cal and Lal disrespected the drug lord’s grandmother after being taken under his wing as skateboarding con artists. Tuco was talked down from torturing death to a broken leg during Jimmy’s negotiation with him for the twins’ fate. This was Jimmy’s first run-in with the cartel and the start of his transformation into Saul Goodman.

Tuco additionally had a role in Mike’s pre-Breaking Bad narrative in season 2 of Better Call Saul. By inciting him to a fight that resulted in his being imprisoned, the former cop and eventual Breaking Bad fixer assisted Ignacio Varga (Michael Mando) in getting rid of Tuco. He stayed behind bars for the remainder of Better Call Saul before being let out at some time following Lalo Salamanca’s passing. There, he made an effort to patch together the family’s disjointed drug distribution system.

3. The Nurse Character
Brock was sent to Albuquerque’s Lovelace Medical Center after Walt poisoned him in Breaking Bad season 4, but a pediatric nurse (T.C. Victoria Warner) forbade Jesse from sitting at Brock’s bedside. She had previously argued with Jimmy McGill when he barged into his brother Chuck’s hospital room and ordered all the electrical equipment turned off. The fictitious universe of Better Call Saul was made much richer by the numerous subtle, deep-cut appearances of minor Breaking Bad characters.

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4. Kaylee Ehrmantraut Character
One of the few characters from Breaking Bad to appear in Better Call Saul was Mike’s granddaughter Kaylee, who was portrayed by a different actor. Given that Better Call Saul was a prequel to Breaking Bad, it stands to reason that Kaylee was portrayed throughout the Better Call Saul timeframe by three distinct younger actresses. Faith Healey, Juliet Donnenfeld, and Abigail Zoe Lewis played the younger versions of Kaylee in the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth seasons of Better Call Saul, respectively. Kaylee was portrayed by Kaija Roze Bales in Breaking Bad.

5. Krazy-8 Character
Prior to Walter White making the disastrous decision to enter the meth industry, Krazy-8 (Maximino Arciniega) was Jesse Pinkman’s business partner. Krazy-8 was revealed in Better Call Saul to have been a close buddy of Nacho Varga and one of the drug traffickers in the Salamanca drug empire before striking out on his own with Jesse. It was barely shocking when he decided to go independent after being beaten by Nacho at Hector Salamanca’s direction.

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We hope this blog has helped you catch up with some of the characters from “Breaking Bad” who made their return in “Better Call Saul.” It is always so exciting to see our favorite characters come back and even more thrilling to discover how they have changed throughout the years. Whether it was a surprise or not, we are sure that all fans of both shows were happy to see them again!

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