Are you a fan of the hit show Better Call Saul? If you’re looking for more than just season recaps and character profiles, then this article is for you! We’ll go through five little-known facts about the show that will open your eyes to the true workings of the production. From the characters to the writers, learn all about the team that brings this beloved show to life each week. Get ready to discover something new about Better Call Saul!

1. The program almost had a different conclusion
The Better Call Saul series finale received mostly positive reviews from viewers. Most significantly, after Jimmy is given an 86-year prison sentence, he and Kim Wexler reconcile once more. Before Kim departs, she acknowledges Jimmy’s distinctive finger-gun gesture.

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The show almost “finished with the two of them smoking, and filmed this other conclusion,” according to showrunner Peter Gould. Gould stated, “It felt more honest to end with the two of them apart rather than the two of them together,” after viewing both cuts (via IndieWire).

2. Saul received a purposefully bad haircut
The comb-over that has become synonymous with Saul Goodman is almost as well-known as the artist. On Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, the sometimes haphazardly styled hair is not a quick fix by the hair stylists; rather, it is a purposeful character choice.

The specifics of Saul’s hairstyle reflect a lot about the man and his sense of self. He’s busy at work, so the comb-over hairstyle partially helps him look younger. At the same time, it also gives him a wise appearance.

3. On Bob Odenkirk’s agent, Saul is based.
Saul Goodman’s outsized personality is so distinctive and recognizable that it could be easy to think it is pure fiction. But, according to Bob Odenkirk, he based his portrayal on a genuine individual.

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Inspiration is always what actors pursue to breathe life into their characters. They will immerse themselves in the things they accumulate from that character, plus the distinct emotions they create themselves. The two combine to create a great whole so that the audience has a true look at the character but also clearly remembers their mark.

4. A well-known Breaking Bad character lives next door to Jimmy
Better Call Saul reveals that Saul Goodman is actually Jimmy McGill, who works at the location listed on his checks. Jimmy is Saul Goodman’s birth name and most genuine identity. A character from Breaking Bad who is adored by fans has been linked by astute viewers to Jimmy.

Reddit users who are huge fans of the show “Breaking Bad” recalled that Gale Boetticher has a residence on Juan Tabo Boulevard. Throughout seasons 3 through 5 of the show, Gus Fring employed Gale as an assistant to help out in Walter White’s meth lab.

5. Throughout filming, the cast shared a residence
Better Call Saul’s cast gives exceptional performances that enhance one another and keep viewers interested. This is because the actors are good friends in real life and even share a room together while filming.

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Bob Odenkirk, the show’s star, said that Josh Faden, Patrick Fabian, and Rhea Seehorn all reside at his Albuquerque, New Mexico, home. Between takes, the four of them frequently go out to eat or go hiking, according to Odenkirk (via NME).

Above are just a few interesting things to help you somewhat better understand this wonderful series. In the process of waiting for the next blog posts, please take advantage of the products bearing the imprint of Better Call Saul here.